Nippon Auto Spares

  Car covered by a large Japanese flag

A cut above your average

High-performance recycled engines and
gearboxes, imported direct from Japan to
your doorstep


Innovation, influence, impact;
Japanese cars consistently redefine excellence, setting the standards for automation higher year after year. Vehicles of this creed demand the
very best and that's exactly what
Nippon Auto Spares deliver.
Large red circle - Japanese flag

The parts you buy from
us are sourced direct
from Japan.

Clean, high quality products that 
simply aren’t available
here in the UK.

Need a part fast?
Call now for same day shipment!
dvla logo
environment agency logo
Recycling logo on brown recycled paper


Fully DVLA and Environment Agency accredited, you can count on us for
 an environmentally responsible End 
of Life Vehicle (ELV) programme.
What’s more, all of our imported parts
 are recycled, reducing our carbon footprint even further.
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